A New Experience in Loving Chocolate

Artisanal Toronto-based chocolate boutique, Mary’s Brigadeiro, is giving Canadians a new taste for chocolate with delicious handcrafted Brazilian treats.

BY BRIM TEAMMarch 29, 2019

What do you call a small hand-rolled chocolate treat made of pure cocoa, condensed milk, and buttery goodness? A brigadeiro, of course.

With a vision of offering a unique and gourmet chocolate experience that truly inspires happiness, Mary Oliveria opened Mary’s Brigadeiro, an artisanal Toronto-based chocolate boutique dedicated to producing high-quality and delicious handcrafted Brazilian treats.

What started as a means of survival for Mary’s family turned into a passion for creating the traditional Brazilian pastries. Growing up in Sao Paulo, Mary’s mother would make brigadeiros and savoury snacks every morning before going door-to-door to sell them.

It’s how she supported the family and put her children through school. That’s where Mary first learned to make brigadeiros. She went on to earn a university degree and found work in the corporate sector, when, one day, she made brigadeiros for her best friend’s wedding to raving reviews. That was the catalyst that propelled Mary into changing course and making brigadeiros full-time.


Hand rolling individual brigadeiro chocolate


Today, Mary produces gourmet brigadeiros from her Danforth chocolate boutique, which includes a chocolate creation lab to develop new flavours. The store was created as a hybrid production space for customers to observe and experience the brigadeiro making with the retail space, which has turned into a pleasant surprise, says Jason Coombs, Mary’s business partner and husband.

What makes Mary’s brigadeiros different than other desserts? “It’s a new experience in loving chocolate,” says Jason.

Each and every brigadeiro is rolled by hand and has the same creamy smooth texture inside. Mary uses different levels of high-quality cocoa and combines them with locally sourced and seasonal ingredients, like lavender or maple.

Ranging from 54% to 84% cocoa, Mary uses the level of cocoa that pairs best with the flavours. Clients often offer inspiration for new flavours, even suggesting things like Kefir cheese and bubble tea. While those particular flavours won’t be added to line-up, you can find seasonal flavours like caramel pumpkin spice and passion fruit, alongside traditional flavours, like dark chocolate and almond, that are always available.

There’s lots to be excited for this year, says Jason. Earlier this year, Mary’s released its 70% cocoa spread. It’s a real chocolate spread, similar to a Nutella spread, but made without using nuts, says Jason. Not to mention the brigadeiro cookie, which is filled with different types of brigadeiro flavours and hard tarts filled with the delicious brigadeiro spread.

Right in time for the Easter season, Mary’s will be releasing its special Easter Egg brigadeiro. It’s a half-size egg made of temperate chocolate: it’s filled with the 70% cocao chocolate spread and different flavour brigadeiros. half is filled with 70% cocoa chocolate spread, while the other is filled with brigadeiros. Only 50 will be available for purchase. The traditional Brazilian Easter dessert is truly a chocolate innovation in Canada.


Brigadeiro chocolate box with variety of flavours


In addition to its Chocolate Lab location and e-commerce store, Mary’s Brigadeiro can be found at different locations around Toronto, including the Saks Food Hall by Pusateri’s at the Toronto Eaton Centre, Dineen Coffee Shop & Outpost, Hot Black Coffee and Cafe23. You’ll soon be able to find them at Vincenzo’s in Waterloo and Caffeine & Co. in Amherstburg, as well as in stores in Ottawa, with plans to be in major city across Canada & the U.S. in the future.

Why Brim and Mary’s Brigadeiro?

“We love Brim’s philosophy in giving people more options, particularly with loyalty. The customer is always number one for us, and it’s something that Brim cares about too – they designed their platform to actually reward a lifestyle.

Our chocolates are popular for events like weddings, baptisms, birthday parties, and corporate parties and gifts. We love that Brim has the installment option available directly on the credit card, which means that if some places a large order for $5,000, they don’t need to feel the pressure to pay it all upfront. Instead, when they pay with Brim, they can pay for it from 12 – 24 months. “


With Brim, earn rewards on all your purchases at Mary’s Brigadeiro, like up to 10 points per $1 spent when you spend $200+. You can also install any purchase over $500 at 0% upfront fee and 0% interest*. Learn more about rewards and installment offers with Mary’s Brigadeiro and more partners in Brim Marketplace. Don’t have a Brim card? Join now. Plus, we’re giving away one of Mary’s Specialty Easter Eggs, view the T&C’s here: Easter Content 2019


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