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Inspiration can strike anywhere for Toronto-based jewellery designer, Cyntia Miglio.

BY Brim TeamMay 27, 2019

Inspiration can strike anywhere. Especially for Toronto-based jewellery designer, Cyntia Miglio. While touring the Mayan Ruins in Mexico last year, Cyntia was drawn to the cactuses in the area. They sparked her interest, ‘how can I evolve a story from their shape?’ she thought. Days later, she came across a book while sitting in her Toronto office: The Oasis of Matisse, which chronicles Henri Matisse’s iconic art pieces. “The cover had a leaf shape on it, just like what I had seen in Mexico,” she says. Intrigued by Matisse’s style of creating dimensions within his works using cut outs, Cyntia decided to use a similar approach to her latest collection – KAKTOS, representing the collection’s fluid motion and freedom.



Since the beginning


Since a young age, Cyntia could be found creating – anything and everything. From drawing on walls and painting glass windows to designing and sewing her own clothing, she always felt the freedom to create. Then, one day, her grandfather, a gemstone dealer in Brazil, introduced her to precious stones, inspiring her love of working with jewellery. Years later living in Canada, Cyntia met a jewellery designer who had forged a successful business and successful career. They began working together and he eventually convinced her to start designing her own line of jewellery – Cyntia Miglio Designs.

All of Cyntia’s work is connected by a theme – each piece compliments the other in the collection. Every piece is thoughtfully created and plays on a particular aspect of the chosen concept, drawing inspiration from travel, music and modern art.  “I try to put myself inside of what I am creating – I like to design something beautiful that matters to me. My creations are an extension of me.”

Materials for Cyntia’s pieces are sourced together with the workshop. A solid relationship and understanding of Cyntia’s aesthetic have made it easy for them to find specific materials for new collections.

What’s Next?



Since launching in 2015, KAKTOS is her 4th released collection. In addition to her online store, you can find her pieces – earrings, necklaces, rings, bracelets – at Clementine’s Luxury Boutique and her monthly pop-up at West Elm in North Toronto.

What’s next for Cyntia Miglio designs? “Evolve is the word for me. It’s important to start from a humble place. I started my company without outside investment: I have worked hard and continue to do so because I love it. To me, design is a place of beauty and humility, not vanity. As long as I can continue to evolve as a person, my work will follow it.”

Why Cyntia Miglio Designs & Brim?


“It comes down to relationships. I know that technology has brought us many new innovations, but at the same time, we need to continue to value human interaction. It’s important to believe in what you’re building. It’s what I like about Brim. “


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