From Nova Scotian Seaweed to BC’s Raspberry Oil

Holistic skincare goes beyond the products you put on your skin, it means understanding and improving your overall wellness.

BY BRIM TEAMMay 2, 2019

Julie Clark was frustrated with her skin, struggling with allergies, skin sensitivities, and eczema.  Determined to find a natural solution to alleviate her symptoms, she began studying aromatherapy, aesthetics, and herbalism, turning her kitchen into a workshop. There she experimented with oils, waxes and herbs, eventually creating holistic skincare products and offering holistic facials to friends and family. In 2012 Julie started Province Apothecary, founded on the principles of sharing selfcare knowledge and empowering people to take back control of their skin.

Holistic skincare is in



“Holistic skincare goes beyond the products you put on your skin, it means understanding and improving your overall wellness,” says Julie Clark.

Since its inception, PA has used the highest quality raw organic ingredients – all sustainably sourced. Ingredients come from small farms and companies across Canada. There’s seaweed from Nova Scotia, maple syrup from Quebec, organic sunflower oil from Ontario, organic beeswax from Alberta, organic lentil flour from Manitoba, and organic raspberry oil and glacial clay from British Columbia. It’s also dedicated to supporting local businesses.  A percentage of PA’s yearly sales are donated to Canadian Organic Growers, Canadian Honey Council, and 1% for the Planet.


More than just a fresh face


In addition to skincare products and tools, PA offers well-being treatment services like organic facials, naturopathic consultations, nutrition services and custom skincare consultations through its Holistic Skincare Clinic, as well as workshops and webinars.



“Our clinic, clients, and team are a constant source of inspiration when it comes to introducing a new product,” says Julie. “It’s the foundation of Province Apothecary. It’s where we get to meet clients face-to-face, learn about their unique needs and support them on their journey to holistic skin care.”


“Helping people navigate their skin concerns through product, treatments, and knowledge is at the core of everything we do as a company.”


The Custom Face Serum is one of PA’s most popular products. Every serum is hand blended based on the client’s unique skincare needs. Clients are asked to fill out a questionnaire, available both in-person and online, that’s analyzed by PA’s skin therapists. The serum is blended to suit the client’s unique concerns based on what’s happening in their life at that moment. “It’s really reasonably priced and gives clients outside of Toronto access to our custom skincare.”


A case for clean skincare


Coming a long way from the days of kitchen blending, you can find Province Apothecary’s wild-crafted serums, blends, and elixirs in stores around the world, including its Toronto-based shop and e-commerce store, The Detox Market, and Whole Foods, among others. Its products have also graced the pages of Vogue, InStyle, W Magazine, to name a few, and have won multiple awards, including Best in Show – Clean Ingredient Brand from the Indie Beauty Expo.



Why Brim and Province Apothecary?


“We love collaborating and supporting local companies that share our values of empowerment and ambition. Both companies are proudly founded and operated by women, which makes this partnership all the more amazing,” says Julie.


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