No More Bad Cups

Canadians deserve a better cup of coffee. That starts with Detour Coffee.

BY Brim TeamJune 6, 2019

Canadians deserve a better cup of coffee.  That’s the belief that Detour Coffee was founded on in 2009. When the company started out there were very few companies in Canada roasting coffee beans fresh to order. It was a novel idea. Since then it’s become a movement, with Detour Coffee leading the pack as pioneers in the trade.


Around the World and Back Again


“You may not realize it, but coffee is a fruit,” says Ryan McCabe, Detour’s Co-Director of Coffee. The bean is the seed of a coffee cherry, which means that it needs to be sourced the same way you would with seasonal produce. Detour’s coffees are sourced from around the world: Mexico, Colombia, Ethiopia, Costa Rica, Brazil, to name just a few places. In 2018, Detour released 38 different Single Origin coffees from 15 countries around the world.



“Our focus is on developing sustainable relationships with the world’s best farms,” says Ryan. “By traveling to where the coffee grows, we’re able to build strong connections with the mills, exporters, and farmers themselves.”


To Roast or Not to Roast


To highlight the character of each coffee and balance its flavour, Detour carefully roasts its beans to order and constant monitoring allows them to match a perfect flavour profile, every time. “You’ll want to keep an eye on the Roast Date on the bag,” says Ryan. If you see an Expiry Date on any bag that’s usually a sign to watch-out that it may have been sitting on a shelf for 6 or even 9 months. “There’s a noticeable difference in a cup of coffee when the beans are freshly roasted. Detour’s beans are shipped out to customers within 1-2 days of being roasted, with the Roast Date printed right on the front of the package.”



A good grinder is an essential tool for every coffee connoisseur, a hand grinder is even better. Why? A manual grinder won’t heat up the coffee beans during grinding, while electrical ones may slightly increase the temperature, changing the flavour of the beans. Not to mention, a hand grinder makes having good coffee while traveling even easier. Ryan’s tool preference? “An Aeropress and a Porlex Hand Grinder. Then you can really have great coffee anywhere.”


Detour Coffee is served in some of the best cafes and restaurants across Canada: The Battery in St. John’s, Hot Black in Toronto, Melk in Montreal, and Collective Coffee in Saskatoon, among others. You can also shop directly at the source – Detour Coffee Roasters online to order its beans directly (or sign-up for a subscription) or visit Detour Café in Dundas, Ontario. While sipping your coffee at Detour Café, you can also enjoy artisanal bread by Dear Grain and pastries and jams by pastry chef Camila Wynne, founder of The Preservation Society.



Why Detour Coffee and Brim?


Brim and Detour share some of the same fundamental attitudes and values. I think both companies are striving to upend long-standing industries with a better product that treats people fairly; and, both are doing so in a way that’s approachable and generally optimistic about a better way forward for our industries!


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