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Introducing Brim Open Rewards

Loyalty was broken… we fixed it.

Redeem for what you want, when you want.

Redeem on groceries. Redeem on coffee. Redeem on the new iPhone. Or simply, redeem against your balance as cash-back. Brim members can use their points for ANYTHING at ANYTIME. No more having to wait for 100,000 points that come with 100,000 conditions.

*Example of Brim’s Step-Up loyalty.

Earn rewards daily and accumulate more wherever you spend.

Earn rewards on every dollar you spend and don’t be tied down to specific percentages in specific categories. With Brim Open Rewards, participating merchants share special earn offers directly to your Brim app… no strings attached.

Brand loyalist? This card’s for you. Increase your reward earn rate the more times you shop at the same places, in-store or online.

Whether it’s earn or redeem, you’re in control.

Installment plans right at your fingertips.

From fancy bikes to travel tickets to furnishing a new apartment, pay on your terms by setting up smaller monthly payments that won’t affect your available credit. Use your Brim App or Portal to instantly install your purchases.

0% interest | Fixed installment fee **

Brim is the first in Canada to offer fully embedded digital installment plans.

**Instalment Fee covers the entire Instalment Plan Term and is payable in the first month.

Earn 1,197 points
or more
How would you like to pay?


  • 6m

  • 12m

  • 18m

  • 24m

Your installment plan will be:
12 months
@7% = $83.79

Monthly Payment
One time
Installment Fee**

* A monthly processing fee of $1.30 per $1,000 will apply (equivalent to 0.13% of the purchase price charged monthly).** Instalment Fee covers the entire Instalment Plan Term and is payable in the first month.

Free Global Wi-Fi

Access to over 1 million Boingo Wi-Fi hotspots in airplanes, airports, trains, hotels and cafes around the world. Enrollment is easy and all you need to do is set up an account at the time of card activation and download the Boingo app.

Brim will be the only issuer in Canada to offer this feature on all cards offered in our suite.

Free Global Wi-Fi offered by

0% Foreign Transaction Fees*

Brim will not charge any foreign transaction fees on purchases in another currency, online or abroad. Everyone else charges you 2.5%**.

* For foreign currency transactions, the rate will be the exchange rate set by Mastercard® and applied at the time of the conversion, without additional surcharge.

** Avg. foreign exchange fee charged by Canadian banks.

Your Foreign Transaction savings


Adjust your foreign currency spending below

We’ve got you covered

Mobile Device Protection

Protection for your mobile or tablet devices in case of theft, loss or damage.

Event Ticket Reimbursement

Don’t worry if you can’t attend that sporting, theatre or concert event – you’re covered.

Common Carrier Accident Protection

Extra protection for you and your loved ones when you’re traveling.

All insurances are offered by

Brim keeps you on track

Know how you spend

With the Brim app, you can track your spending month to month so you can easily identify when you need to cut back, and when you have a little leeway to shop.

Set spending limits

Set spending limits by category that are unique to your budget and be notified if you are approaching or exceeded your limits.

Payments that clear real-time

Payments made on the Brim website via Interac Online clear and open up your credit available in real time. No more having to pay through your financial institution and wait 2 to 3 days to use your credit card again.

Brim with control

With Brim’s Family card feature, you can set monthly spending limits for those that are tied to your account as an Additional Member. It is perfect for managing your children’s spending while also teaching them fiscal responsibility.

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