Air France KLM launches a new innovative credit card experience powered by Brim.

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Co-Branded Credit Card and loyalty integration

Digitizing the Customer Journeys

Your all in one Platform

Your all in one Platform

  • Virtual cards

  • Authorized users

  • Spending limits

  • Real time notifications

  • …And much more!

The ultimate payment experience

Miles everywhere you spend, even more on with restaurants, bars and retail partners.

  • Receive your virtual card and transact within seconds of approval

  • Add your digital card to your mobile wallet and transactions on the go

  • Transact online using your digital card information

  • Access a replacement card in real-time

Explore anywhere with the AFKLM Miles calculator

Experience effortless journey planning with the AFKLM Miles Calculator. Stay connected to your travel plans wherever you are. Take charge of mileage tracking, explore new horizons, and make every journey count with the AFKLM Miles Calculator.

Brim’s Modern End-to-End Platform as a Service

Fully branded and configurable for our clients and partners

Digital Onboarding

Real Time Adjudication

Buy Now Pay Later

Agent, Credit Management & Branch Portals

Consumer, Business & Commercial Cards

Merchant, Rewards Ecosystem

Business Card Management & Accounting Software Integration

Integrated Digital Platform for End User Via SSO

Marketing & Campaign Automation

Brim ranked best-in-class for product capabilities
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Self-Serve Capabilities


Security features

Buy Now Pay Later

Product Upgrade

Change PIN

Account Portal

Budget tools

Add New Card Member

Change Card

Report Card Lost/Stolen

Credit Limit Increase

Digital Cards

Redeem Anywhere

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