Laurentian Bank launches a new innovative credit card experience powered by Brim
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& Modernization

Digitizing the Customer & Employee Journeys

This launch is part of the strategic partnership between the Bank and Brim Financial.The Bank has leveraged Brim's technology to offer best in class banking services and experiences, enhanced rewards program, automation and gain operational efficiencies.

Brim’s Modern End-to-End Platform as a Service

Fully branded and configurable for our clients and partners

Digital Onboarding

Real Time Adjudication

Buy Now Pay Later

Agent, Credit Management & Branch Portals

Consumer, Business & Commercial Cards

Merchant, Rewards Ecosystem

Business Card Management & Accounting Software Integration

Integrated Digital Platform for End User Via SSO

Marketing & Campaign Automation

Brim ranked best-in-class for product capabilities

Brim ranked best-in-class for product capabilities

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Business Opportunity for the Bank

  • Digitize the Bank to create sustainable shareholder value
  • Digitization of onboarding & the customer journey
  • Meet Customer expectations and invest in modernization
  • Simplification of its legacy vendor ecosystem
  • Leverage new rewards and develop bundled rewards program

[Cards] is one of our core focus areas in our personal banking space and we need to reimagine the end-to-end customer journey. Brim’s Platform as a Service will eliminate 90% of our manual processes.

Rania Llewellyn

President & CEO
of Laurentian Bank

Business Results

  • Simplification: Reduce from 5 Vendors to Brim
  • Elimination of over 90% of Manual Processes with Brim through the digitally enabled Employee Platforms and Brim Tech Stack
  • Reduction from 25 days to Real-Time adjudication and instant issuance of virtual cards
  • Leapfrog the competition

Brim’s PaaS Technology Offers

A comprehensive, highly configurable & composable ecosystem

Self-Serve Capabilities


Security features

Product Upgrade

Change PIN

Account Portal

Budget tools

Add New Card Member

Change Card

Report Card Lost/Stolen

Credit Limit Increase

Digital Cards

Redeem Anywhere

Enterprise Workflows

Enabling your company’s end-to-end with
completely weaved together Enterprise Workflows

  • Agent Portal
  • Credit Risk Portal
  • Branch Portal
  • Marketing Portal
  • Rewards Portal
  • Memo & Action
  • Search Client
  • Verify Client
  • Work Queue
  • Credit Limit Increase
  • Correspondence
  • Onboarding
  • Application Details
  • Report Card Lost/Stolen

We are committed to changing banking for the better and enhancing the overall experience of our customers. We believe that our new line of credit cards will do just that, by offering more rewards and more flexibility than ever before. We invite you to apply for one of our new credit cards today and experience for yourself the many benefits.

Karine Abgrall-Teslyk

Executive Vice President and Head of Personal Banking at Laurentian Bank

We are committed to our close partnership with Laurentian and thrilled to be providing Brim's unique credit card issuing platform and technology stack, supporting our partners to leap-frog the market as leaders in innovation. Laurentian Bank's customers will have globally best-in-class customer experiences and product capabilities, and Laurentian bank's employees will access real-time workflow platforms, enabling them to significantly increase operational efficiencies across the bank.

Rasha Katabi

Founder & CEO
of Brim Financial

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