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Hi, we’re Brim

Your all-in-one credit card.

Brim is a new kind of payment experience by a new kind of company. We built a product that we actually wanted to use and that’s grounded in real everyday life - seamless, transparent, and rewarding.

Founded in 2015, Brim was built from the ground up meaning that our cardmembers and merchants are in the centre of it all, with a truly custom and transformative digital platform and features like first-in-card embedded installment plans, simplified payments, custom security, and unlimited and uncapped rewards. Brim is your all in one card.

We’re a team at the intersection of finance, tech and consumer experiences: highly skilled, passionate, and innovative professionals with deep expertise in building financial products and solutions.

Meet the team

Rasha Katabi

CEO & Founder

Laura Andrews

Vice President, Enterprise Operations

Fayez Alameddine

Vice President, Technology

Thomas Patterson

Senior Director, Product

Chris Cuylle, MBA

Treasurer & Controller, Credit Card Portfolio

Paul Buttar, CPA, BMA

Director, Finance – Credit Card Portfolio

Scott Christopher, CFA

Director, Corporate Finance & Strategy

Stacy Woloschuk

Director, Partnerships

Chandrakant Tank

Senior Manager, Enterprise Operations

Marcelo Halpern

Design Lead

Natalia Tachian

Designer, Product

Janet Clarke

Analyst, Finance

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